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India consists of 29 states and 7 union and options territories, of all these, the city of Mohali is considered to be a commercially profitable city. The city of Mohali is also known in the name Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar. Mohali is also an IT sector hub, where people from all over the country come to create a good future here as there is a lot of job opportunities laid down in Mohali. The city is developing rapidly, and there are a lot of residential and commercial places being built around the city of Mohali. Mohali is a vast area with its continuity with a neighboring city, Chandigarh. With increasing business start-ups in Mohali and increase in job opportunities poured down from the IT sectors, many people are, moving into the city from a different part of the country.Even people from other countries move into Mohali.

The city of Mohali avails lots of property to buy, for the people moving to Mohali. The property in Mohali is available in according to the need of the people. Mohali contributes a lot in the GDP of the country, and with this it is clearly seen that the city works with full effort .the real estate of this city is also increasing rapidly with great profit. Being a developing city there are lot of commercial property in Mohali, being built around the city. The rapid increase in real estate has also attracted people in buying properties in Mohali. There are lot of property for sale in Mohali for people to buy property according to their capacity and their likings. The people of India always prefer to buy houses, flats and apartment at a reasonable price, and always get attracted for a cheaper rate. There are a lot of real estate providing with luxury homes, independent houses, and even independent houses.

Mohali has built itself for the betterment and it has all the availability needed for a city to run. A lot of property in Mohali has been made according to the preference of the people. Some people have a huge earning, have dreams of owning luxurious homes .Some people have the tendency of buying plot and keeping it as an asset
There are many ways a person’s can earn the easiest way for one is to buy plots of land at cheaper rates and sell it when the time is right for selling the plot of land at much profitable price. Property in Mohali is available for people who want to live and settle in Mohall. As the commercial sectors are developing with lots of job opportunities people try their lunch in the city of Mohali. Mohali is known for its safety and the cleanliness .people tend to move to Mohali with their family .there is not scarcity in the options for the family to buy a flat in Mohali as these are flats having space according to the need with space of about1BHK,2BHK,3BHK,4BHK,5BHK and so on.

Residential property

The developing city of Mohali contains a lot of residential space e for the people of Mohali and for the people who are moving in to Mohali.with the increase of job opportunities people come to make their dream true in the land of Punjab with their family. Every man has a dream of owning a house, be it a flat in the apartments or ,villa or even luxury homes ,everything is available here in Mohali.

Commercial property

As we all know that Mohali is a land of IT sectors, and with the introduction of many start-ups companies and business a lot of commercial buildings are being built for the companies to start their work. For this type of commercial building there is property available for building one on it.

Land For Sale

Properties are available at cheaper rates in Mohali. Witty people will always try to grab one at a cheaper rate as it is obvious that when the city gets totally developed the price of the property will automatically increase and this will lead into making profit for selling cheaper land at much profitable price.

The industrial sectors of Mohali is very much famous for its productivity and with the amount of people needed behind it to run is also immense which leads to people come to Mohali for opportunities and trying to settle down in Mohali. But it has always been a tough job to get one home to stay and moreover to understand which place is the best ,efficient and surrounded with transport facilities and other facilities like water, regular cleanliness and apart from all these a good environment . This is where the agency company come to the rescue. The agency company in mohali is very genuine and reliable one. The people coming from different states can contact these agencies for a full idea about the best place to buy a property in Mohali. But not all the agencies can be relied upon; hence people should keep certain things in mind, to know which the best agency to consult with.

Features of a Good and a Reliable Agency

• To find whether an agency is reliable you first have to look into the popularity of the agency. It is obvious that a agency earns a name when its services are good, so you have to make sure to select the most popular one.

• A perfect agency should have services which are 100% satisfactory and meet with answers for the queries of its customers.

• A look into the history of the agency is always recommended to know the in and out of the company.

• Try to make sure that the agency is well known among the people; nowadays there are certain agencies that open up with fake history and try to fool the customers.

But this is not the end of the task; a person should make an analysis about what kind of a house or property they want to buy. The agency will only show the flats which are available at cheaper rates. But every time its not the same, people should keep in mind that they should buy a flat which can be comfortable to every family members. Buying a house is a certain decision which should be made with every member of the family. Buy a cheap home and staying uncomfortably is not a nice option. There are certain points where we have to put some emphasis on in order to but the perfect home to live and not become foolish.

Points to keep in Mind while Buying a Home for Yourself

  • Buying a house is not an easy task, there should be legal proceeding for it .and the purchase of the land should be contract based so that you have a proof of yourself that you are the legal owner of the new home you just brought.
  • Buying a house considering about your present life situation is utter foolishness. You should always keep in mind about your future situation whether you are getting married or going to have child or anything that will complete change the situation. It is always good to thinks about the future before buying one home for yourself so that you don’t curse yourself in the near future.
  • You should know the in and out about the home you buy. You should have the basic idea about the materials with which the building has been made whether it has been made with cheap materials or with good one which will last forever.
  • Now days there are bank who will easily allow with home loan, it will look easier to manage with the loan, but you should keep in mind about the future and the surety of affording the home for yourself.

With the above in formations it is clearly explained about the problems which can be faced while making a decision to buy property in Mohali. It is clearly visible that there are a lot of options for buying home in Mohali for the people moving in to Mohali for job opportunities .there are also many agencies opened up with the soul purpose of helping the people who are looking for a perfect home to reside in Mohali. Property in Mohali should be brought with lot of thought about it. There are different types of property available according to the preference of the person. Mohali being a developing city of India provides all kind of job services for the people, and it should be kept in mind that staying in Mohali is not an easy task and more over that buying a perfect home is not everyone’s cup of tea. So it’s always recommended to look for an agency and make sure it turns up to be a genuine one .Mohali being a contiguous city with Chandigarh will become a preferable city for every person of India looking for job opportunities and wants to experience a great life in near future. There are number of companies offering flats & apartment like Hero Homes, Homeland Heights etc